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I am very proud to have worked consistently with Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting UK since 2017 looking after their design work. This particular project to redesign their Microsoft PowerPoint template was very interesting and, as so many team viewpoints were to be considered, a huge piece of work. A powerful and consistent visual identity was required as it plays such a vital role in connecting a presenter with their audience; from sales pitches and keynotes to team briefings – often the first point of contact with a new audience – a high-quality presentation design was essential.

The template included cover options, divider slides, easily customised charts, graphics, and layouts, scalable icons and more – so all employees can make their presentation their own whilst being ‘on brand’ and projecting the right impression.

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“Anne is dependable, passionate and has an extreme attention to detail that others don’t have. She always works to understand the overall objective of a project and what the desired outcome is before diving in so that she can produce the best version of what is needed. She has valuable knowledge and experience in our industry from a marketing point of view, the design as well as understanding the software, tax and accounting industry. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and see her as part of the team. She gives the same care, passion and drive to the work as we do internally and that is always appreciated.”

Emily Corke, Senior Marketing Executive, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting, UK

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