We all know social media is a hugely powerful tool (over 2.62 billion people use social networking platforms worldwide), and when used in the right way it can shift attitudes, raise brand awareness, and ultimately increase revenue.

Content creation is important for any organisation, but how do you convince your audience to actually consume the content you create? Social media is filled with content competing for attention, so I create engaging graphics and adverts that specifically target the audience you’re trying to reach.

Every social platform require images with different specifications and image types – from image carousels to remarketing adverts and posts – so its critical to create quality assets that are on spec or you can end up with a less than professional image which can be damaging. Ensure your brand spans your social touchpoints and your content is consumed with quality social media asset design.

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“I worked alongside Anne on numerous projects over the last two years, in this time she didn’t fail to deliver once. Regardless of my extravagant briefs Anne was always able to take my ideas and deliver outstanding working within unbelievable timeframes.”

Zubair Mohammad, Marketing Executive

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