Design is not just about making things look good. It is a powerful tool of communication and influence that helps to deliver quality products and services that in turn leads to better user experiences and happier customers.

With over 25 years commercial experience, I am a versatile and accomplished web designer offering a unique combination of design and marketing processes and skill, technical knowledge and commercial acumen. I am a problem solver.

My common area of expertise is in the B2B space but I love to be involved in any interesting and creative project! I offer services related to all areas of digital design – from websites, social media advertising and assets, emails and landing pages.

“Anne is probably the most dedicated person I have ever met in my working life – she works tirelessly to hit targets and exceed expectations. Which she always does because she is such a talented designer. Anne is organised, committed and always focussed on the job in hand while also being one of the most delightful people you could meet.”

Justin Beasley, Webmaster, IRIS Software Group

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